We have our own farming property in the Leeuwgedacht Conservancy and developed a lodge, bass dam, wild life management plan, etc.. We are also connected in the corporate and nature conservation world to provide you access to a broad variety of knowledge bases ranging from industry to nature...

We have not only grown up in South Africa, but we have experienced the beauty of South Africa. Hein also spend a year in the USA, two and halve years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, four months in Brazil, six months in Namibia...we can share this experience with you!

We were all trained by the South African National Professional Hunting School by Melville du Plessis Senior. ‘Oom’ Mel is still the vice president of PHASA and adheres to the highest standard of education for Professional Hunters in South Africa. Most of us are also degreed professionals.

Why Hunting Professionals?

We are all members of PHASA (www.phasa.co.za) the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa and we are bound to their code of conduct based upon local laws, regulations and customs. We SUPPORT and ADHERE to ethical hunting practices.

Ethical Hunting

Qualified Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Knowledgeable Professionals

We are part of industry, part of nature conservation and members of PHASA. We strive to the highest standards, we expect the best, therefore we give the best. We believe that when you connect to us, we take responsibility and accountability as far as humanly possible to make your experience count!

Responsible and Accountable Professionals


“Waiting is a trap. There will be always reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only

two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don’t count.”

Dr Robert Anthony